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The new year just started and my husband, two friends of us and me went on a roatrip to Switzerland. Everything we knew was that we had a room booked in a Lodge just on the waterside of the Lake of Biel which had it’s own beer brewery. We went by car and had two great days walking  next to the lake, driving up the mountains and meeting my friend just living 45min away from our beautiful Lodge.

Here some impressions:

The first funny thing in the kitchen…

Your mum is not here...

my new hobby: taking close ups from animals… very hard when the animals are very active 😉

IMG_7883   IMG_7861

IMG_7858   IMG_7817

And the lake of Biel as well as the lake of Neuchâtel with Turks throughing stones 😉 and the sunset:

Lake de Neuchâtel    Lake de Neuchâtel

Lake de Neuchâtel    Lake de Neuchâtel

Switzerland: the Alpes, snow, winter and endless beauty:

winter in Switzerland     IMG_7879

 winter in Switzerland IMG_7916

And finally the Alpes…

the Alpes

And my husband with our friends eating chestnuts


And last but not least the picture from the old town of Biel with beautiful houses:

Biel old town


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Really fitting my feelings and thoughts about German Visa Policy is the following quotation:

“So viele Brücken kann man nicht bauen, um die Gräben, die durch die deutsche Visapolitik aufgerissen werden, zu überwinden“

(It’s impossible to build so many bridges to overcome the ditches build by German Visa policy.)

Tüncel Kurtiz, a famous Turkish actor said it during the Filmfestival Germany/Turkey in Nürnberg. He’s also known in Germany for example for his role in Fatih Akıns movie Auf der anderen Seite (Yaşamın kıyısında; The Edge of Heaven).

(source: http://www.op-online.de/nachrichten/politik/tuerkische-kuenstler-sauer-viele-bekommen-kein-visa-1170183.html)

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Seven Days in Berlin

The last seven days I spent in Berlin. The first five, with Cihan. I was looking for a room to stay the upcoming 4-5 months. And I was successful. From October 1st on, I’m gonna live in Friedrichshain, a cute district of Berlin right next to the so important „Ringbahn“. I’m living with another student, so I’m quite excited to see how it’s gonna be. Only problem, which I have to solve the next days: The room is  without any furnitures. And I don’t know if I should bring them up there or if I should by cheap ones for the few months. But now, I few pictures from our days in Berlin, without the one million pictures Cihan took from IKEA Tempelhof…

first coffee in Berlin after a night in the airport

U-Bahn Hermannstrasse

LEGO girafe next to Potsdamer Platz

the place where I’m gonna spend my study time

ice cream 🙂

my brother in front of „Reichstag“

Brandenburger Tor

Cihan and me


the horse next to Hauptbahnhof

„up to date“ – it was three months ago…

night in Berlin

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Istanbul, Izmir, Ephesus, Marmaris, Içmeler,…

a lot of traffic, eating eating eating, many people, big metropolis, between 25 and 30°C, great people, full markets, rakı & meze & balık, sightseeing, barvisits, beer over istanbul, meeting an „old“ friend, bars in small streets, drinking tea, shopping fruits for not even a tenth of Swedish prices, sunburn, bikini, beach, sun sun sun, cars, havaş, family, best turkish food, Efes, laugh, Bosphorus, Ferries, muezzin singing from the mosque,…

That’s for today as a summary of twelve incredible beautiful and wonderful days in Istanbul with my „personal guide“ Cihan. Thanks for everything, aşkım! I’m coming back! asap!! So many things left to see…

The next posts are about my impressions in Turkey, mentioned above as keywords. Enjoy and get a/my picture of Turkey…

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It’s a tough time for me… Troubles at work, thesis to finish, unclearness about the future (which starts in mid of June in my case),… And then in the morning the positive song, my mother remembered me again: „I’m gonna make it“. An old song, very old. From a German „Liedermacher“. Here the video and the English Lyrics.

When Maike was just under one year
she could already stand
She practiced tireless
to walk along the wall.
Easily she made three steps
and nearly the fourth as well,
but she prefered to make
a landing on the belly.
And she turned around a laughed
And maybe thought for the first time:

„I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it,
I’m gonna make it all alone.
I’m sure I can, I’m sure I can
come on my feet again.
I need for that, I need for that
maybe a lot of energy.
But I already made
Something totally different yet.“

When Maike was at school,
she felt very well.
only when she was standing at the parallel bars,
she nearly lost courage,
especially when the class saw,
how she plagued hereelf.
She wanted to bunk,
and she was very close.

But she was standing there and thought:
„I have to go through this, it would be a joke“


When Maike was 17years old, she was totally in love.
She thought that there are only
rosa clouds for her.
But then, from one day to the other
her dreamworld collapsed.
She was totally distroyed,
and she felt herself so small.

But she stood up and thought:
„I probably just really woke up now.“


The time was passing fast,
Maike has a child herself now.
The flat is not that big,
in which the two live;
but still every corner has
his one style.
So cosy and friendly isn’t it
for all kids.
And in some night Maike thinks
On what she thought as child:

„na, na, na, na …
Because I already made something much more else!“

(I know, it’s a bad translation, the song is much more beautiful in German…)

But I know, I’m gonna make it, because there are other thing, much tougher I already managed…

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There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings. (Hodding Carter, Jr.)

I got both, thanks so much! But now, somehow roots and wings are fighting. The wings wanna fly, the roots wanna stay. My body is about to be in two pieces. So many things/people supporting one of them… pulling… holding… pulling… holding… And I’m in between, trying to find the best, that both, roots and wings are happy. But there is nothing in between, which might make both happy. Half roots and half wings? In which state am I then? So I guess I’m about to go the step which might make me, personally happiest. The step of flying… Flying… to where? I don’t know… To whom? We’ll see… And hurting, those who want me to stay, who have to learn letting me go… Not easy, not for me, not for them… But both sides have to learn, to learn allowing people to leave and to learn hurting people.


A child enters your home and for the next twenty years makes so much noise you can hardly stand it.  The child departs, leaving the house so silent you think you are going mad.  (John Andrew Holmes)

And to make it easier for those who are hurt:

You see much more of your children once they leave home.  (Lucille Ball)

Just because I’m leaving does not mean I’m not loving… I’m loving those I’m leaving and I’m loving those who I’m going to. And just because I’m leaving does not mean that I stop loving, never… I love you! Forever!

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