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Was denkst du: LIEBE

Was denkst du: LIEBE

Ein wunderschöne Sammlung von Gedanken von Kindern zum Thema „Was ist Liebe?“

Sehr passend zum Fest der Liebe. Allen frohe Weihnachten und ein paar besinnliche Tage!


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Last weekend two families made their way to Berlin. It was time to celebrate: the marriage of Cihan and me. After 2.5 years of a distance relationship, we decided to get one step more serious. We married. It was a decision made not long before, so the celebration was small, but nice. The close families were there and some friends. We had a great day with great people, good food and even the sun showed up, unexpected. Thanks again for making this great day possible and being part of it!


Some days after, Cihan went back to Ankara, his last weeks working, and in two months, I’ll move to his work flat in Hessen. Then, after three years, the distance is over. I feel incredible… happy, very happy. Even though there are some steps to be done: Mainly, maybe the hardest thing for me is leaving beautiful Berlin and the youngsters I’m working with, the friends I met here. But I’m also happy after long moving together with the person I love. And I also move closer to my family, which I can see much more often then.


But now, enough of talking… happiness cannot be put into words as much as I feel it. Maybe this picture is showing a little bit of our happiness:

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An inspirating speech… Not a graduation is important, but the believe that dots get connected to a line and lead to a successful life.

„Stay hungry, stay foolish.“

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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Two weeks to go…

In two weeks, I’ll spend my last night as Katharina S. In two weeks and 13hours, I’ll be Katharina K. Now it’s public, I’m getting married and I’m very happy! Things are going good for me at the moment (let’s not talk about the papers I still have to write): my husband in spe found a job in Germany, I’ll move there and we marry 🙂

The dress is bought, the shoes are here, his clothes are bought (partly), the guests are invited, the hotels are booked, the restaurants chosen… The day can come!

Even though it’s a strange feeling… I’ll be married soon… I don’t see myself as a typical housewife… Time is gonna show…

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I told my friend about the change in my life taking place soon, and he was very happy and sent me a very nice song, fitting very good to my askim and me: Rainy Culture Shock by Mc Broko. Thanks Martinek and see you soon in Berlin or next yearin Turkey!

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This year many things are going to change:
And (maybe) the biggest thing in my and my askims life is happening in less than 8 weeks… And I’m looking so much for it, and even more: I’m incredibly happy!
This song is from a friend of mine, for us 🙂 Thanks, Verena!

Seni cok seviyorum, askim benim.

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Spätestens im nächsten Sommer wird es wieder soweit sein. Dann wird sich Fatma Senol, Rentnerin, 79 Jahre alt, einmal mehr in den Bus von Aksaray nach Ankara setzen, fünf Stunden dauert die Fahrt in die Hauptstadt. Sie wird mit einem Stapel Unterlagen vorsprechen beim deutschen Konsulat, wo sie Wochen zuvor einen Termin beantragt hat.

Ebenfalls Wochen vor dem geplanten Besuchstermin muss in Deutschland Zeliha Senol, die Tochter, zum Ausländeramt in Siegburg, mit Ordern voller Unterlagen: Gehaltsnachweise, Versicherungsscheine, Arbeitsverträge, Kontoauszüge und vieles mehr. Sie muss 25 Euro zahlen, um ihre Mutter offiziell zu sich einzuladen zu dürfen. Wenn sie alles richtig gemacht haben, Mutter und Tochter, dann wird Fatma Senol das deutsche Konsulat am Ende mit einem Visum verlassen. Ein Visum, um ihre Tochter und ihre Enkelin zu besuchen, die in Deutschland leben. „Ich verstehe nicht, warum man es uns so schwer macht“, klagt Zeliha Senol über die aufwendige Prozedur.

160.000 Turkish citizens apply for a German visa every year.
But according to some it’s not legal asking for a visa for those coming to Germany not for working. Again the topic about the so called „Stillhalteklausel“ came up. Does „Zugang zu Arbeitsmärkten“ (engl. access to labor markets) also mean the laying claims to (social) services (such as touristic tours)?

More and recent information here: http://www.zeit.de/politik/deutschland/2011-07/tuerken-visum-integration/seite-1

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