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After a great weekend with Pawel, Serhat and Julia (and others) in Maribor, Slovenia, time to say goodbye came. It was not my first goodbye, but it still hurt same… I met people I never gonna forget! We had a great great time. We were partying together, we were working together, sitting next to each other 8hours 5days a week, we talked, we cooked together, we enjoyed, we travelled. And all at a sudden, everything is over. I don’t know if we gonna meet again… And even if, something’s gonna change anyhow. I wanna say thanks, thanks for the time we had together, thanks for open ears, thanks for endless smiles, thanks for fun, for everything. I’m not gonna list names, those I mean know that I talk about them.


Here (on facebook) the pictures of five great months in Graz, Austria!


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today: first snow in Graz

Snow snow snow!

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Turkish dinner in Graz

Turkish dinner, prepared by Serhat. It was delicious except of the smell of the desert 😉

Patlıcan salatası


some kind of desert (incredients: milk, flour, sugar)

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Can we do it?

Let’s meet at midnight in a park, warm clothes and go to the canalization for fun or for being scared? A funny night in Graz:

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zotter – Schokoladenmanufaktur

You think you can eat a lot and a lot of chocolate? Go to a chocolate factory where you can try chokolate in all variations and as much as you want to and then you’ll find out that you cannot eat chocolate with open end. I thought I’m a big chocolate fan, but at one point it was to much for me and the whole team. And on the way back, a terrible busdriver was driving serpentines in the mountains next to Graz, we all tried not to get rid of the chocolate.

What we tried:

  • liquid chocolade in all different kinds of chocolate percentage
  • pur chocolate with chocolate percentage from 30 to 100
  • filled chocolate: red peppar, basilicum & lemon, cannabis, chilli, mango,…
  • chocolate without filling but different kinds of ingredients such as dried flowers, fruits, grapefruit, cherry, lemon & olive,…
  • chocolat balls (balleros)
  • hot chocolate (honey & cinnamon)

What we saw:

  • a movie about Josef Zotter in Nicaragua
  • running chocolate: Hurry up, otherwise the next one is coming
  • a small chocolate ropeway
  • the factory with packing place, storage, melting pot, crushing place, labor for testing the products,…
  • a man, peeing


at the end too much chocolate, we need something salty or sour, but delicious chocolates at all!

–> and here the weblink for all who need a sweet X-mas present: Zotter Schokoladenmanufaktur

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Grabenstraße and its flavor

Incredible… Coming home late at night or nearly in the morning, after a long night of party, dancing, drinking and else, little hungry and then entering Grabenstraße: omg, it smells delicious, fresh baked bread, rolls, biscuits, cookies and other bakery products. That’s little unfair. Then I’m lying in my bed, trying to sleep, but hungry and the smell of fresh baked bread and else in the nose. But the shop: not opened yet. Sometimes life can be hard 😉

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Christmas-lights everywhere

Some impressions from Graz at night during christmas time:

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